Elementary Children's Music Theater Workshop

Explorations that Changed the World

From the beginning, people have searched the world for adventure, treasure, fame or discovery. As we read the incredible tales of historic explorers, we will feature their stories in unforgettable dramas and musicals that are fun as well as educational. This class for students ages 8-11 will be held on Tuesdays at HomeLink from 12:00-2:15. Cost: $615/yr or $61.50/mo


12:00 – 12:45 Music
Students will learn the melodies, lyrics, and instruments that enrich the studies of the different eras of exploration. Each era’s music will be performed to accompany the explorers’ play at the end of the quarter.
12:45 – 1:30 History/Culture Study The Story of Exploration Usborne publishers
Weekly, a 30-minute segment of the theater workshop will include enriching stories and activities to enhance students’ understanding of the culture and time period of the explorers’ lives.
1:30 - 2:15 Drama Techniques
Through drama games, challenges and activities, students will grow in their abilities to learn and skillfully perform plays that depict interesting episodes in the tales of the adventurers. Each quarter will end with the production of a short musical play portraying the journeys and discoveries covered.

The 2016-2017 YEAR AT A GLANCE

Thousands of years ago, some intrepid adventurers made extraordinary journeys to distant lands, covering huge distances by boat and on foot. Some went on pilgrimages, or to trade goods, but others went simply to explore and discover new lands and unfamiliar people. This quarter will feature:
Vikings: Traveled to Europe and North America
Marco Polo: Explored the Middle East and Far East
The 1400’s ushered in a new age of exploration, when adventurers discovered whole new continents, unknown lands and cultures, as they journeyed huge distances in search of trade, treasure and new territory. This quarter will feature:
Christopher Columbus Explored Central America and the Indies
Ferdinand Magellan First to circle the globe by ship
The 1700’s in Europe saw the start of a new age of scientific study, which gave exploration a new purpose – to expand the frontiers of science. Explorers set off to search for new species of living things, to study the stars and planets, make better maps, and chart the world’s mountains, ocean currents, lakes and rivers.
James Cook Searched Australia, Africa, South America, Hawaii
Lewis and Clark Traveled through North America’s interior continent
Quarter 4: FINAL FRONTIERS The most recent explorers were truly breaking new ground. They explored the depths of the “Dark Continent” alone. Others traveled to the Earth’s most hostile and otherworldly places – places so extreme, harsh and strange that people can hardly survive there at all: the icy freezing cold poles, and the dark depth of our enormous oceans.
Dr. David Livingston Explored interior Africa
Ernest Shackleton Traveled in Antarctica by ship

April Thome, Tracy Christianson
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